Memorial Renovation

Memorial RenovationOver time, all memorials become “old” looking, the weather takes its toll. Stone erodes, paint discolours and wears away, leaving the inscription hard to read.

Its time to renovate the memorial this can include:

  • Cleaning the stone
  • Re-paint the inscriptions
  • Re-facing then re-inscribing
  • Damage repairs
  • Resetting the memorial and kerbs
  • Replacing chippings in a kerbed memorial

We have equipment we are able to use onsite, or we may bring a memorial into the workshop.

There are many kerbed memorials in need of renovation, we are able to help with these.

If the memorial has delicate artwork, we will advise the approach to take with it.

The example above is a white marble headstone which we cleaned up then added a new inscription. The headstone was black when we brought it into our workshop.

Please call Uttley Memorials now on 07970 546473 for advice and help with memorial renovations

The example below is a kerbed memorial we fully renovated. We cleaned the stone, repaired inscriptions, reset the headstone and kerbs then laid new gravel.

 Kerbed Memorial Renovation