Memorial InscriptionAdditional inscriptions can be added to existing memorials. We do our best to ensure that the new inscription matches the existing inscription:

  • The existing font is matched, we have thousands of fonts on our system
  • Gilded or any paint colour is replicated
  • On-site letter blasting
  • Inscriptions can be “V” cut if required
  • Gold paint comes with a guarantee.

We have heavy equipment for onsite letter blasting; inscriptions done this way have a rounded recess for the lettering, without the angles of the “V” shape.

“V” cut inscription is done by hand and takes time and skill to produce, it is therefore more expensive than letter blasting. 

Please call Uttley Memorials now on 07970 546473 for advice and help with inscriptions

The pictures below show a large memorial letterblasted with an inscription, just after washing down.

Memorial Letterblasting